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Let's get outta here, that guy is a real "drag." The End --- Superlative that is used interchangeably with "too much" or "crazy." The way Benny blows the clarinet is "the end." Finger Zinger --- Someone who plays very fast. In the Pocket --- Refers to the rhythm section being really together as in... The History of the Sackbut Scat --- Improvise lyrics as nonsense syllables.

Ignasio the new guitarist is a finger zinger on the guitar. Flip --- A verb meaning to go crazy or a noun meaning an eccentric. Freak Lip --- A pair of kissers that wear like leather; one who can hit high C's all night and play a concert the next day. Said to have originated on the "Hot Five" song "Heebie Jeebies" when Louis Armstrong dropped his lyrics.

Since most young adults will marry, the process employed in finding a husband and wife is still considered courtship.

However, an extra layer, what we call “dating,” has been added to the process of courting.

Combo --- Combination of musicians that varies in size from 3 to 10. Did you see that supreme "combo" that the Hawk put together? A superlative which has gained wide acceptance outside of jazz. That cat Miles, is "cool." Corny, Cornball --- A jazz man's term for trite, sweet or stale. He was "down by law." Drag --- As a verb - to depress or bring down a person's spirits or, as a noun - a person or thing which depresses. Put that cat "in the mix," we need a drummer for our upcoming tour. Even though nobody seems to like him, that guy is "jake" with me. You might want go downstairs, Duke's boys are having a "jam session." Jazz --- The music which is discussed here. The Ibanez PM model was developed in conjunction with Pat Metheny to meet his demand for a true "jazz box" Jitterbug --- A jumpy, jittery energetic dance or one who danced this dance during the swing period. Hey, baby, you're drivin' me crazy, let's "rock and roll." Sackbut --- The Sackbut was a 16th century instrument, similar to the trombone.That cat is a real "square" Sugar band --- A sweet band; lots of vibrato and glissando. Hey, Cleanhead, this is a cool tune and we're blowin' too hot. My boys got to have four even beats to the measure. Count Basie did a tune called "Prince of Wails" -- a clever play on words. I don't know what happened, man, we were just sittin' there and Louie just "wigged out." Wild --- Astonishing or amazing. Duke was up all night shedin' that untouchable lick. We oughta "take five." Too much --- Just one more jazz superlative. Two beat --- Four-four time with a steady two beat ground beat on the bass drum. Damn, Basie's band can really "wail." Walking bass or walking rhythm --- an energetic four-beat rhythm pattern. He plays the tune with his left hand and a "walking bass" with his right. I just "waxed a disc" up at Rudy Van Gelder's studio with Jimmy Smith. Zoot --- Used in the thirties and forties to describe exaggerated clothes, especially a zoot suit. Man, don't "bug" me with that jive about cleanin' up my act. That last take was really kickin', put on the "cans" and lets record the final take. I used to partake in late-night jam sessions with the "cats" over at Sid's. Hey, Pops, dig those "changes" that the Hawk is playin'. Crumb --- Someone for whom it is impossible to show respect. Goof --- Fail to carry out a responsibility or wander in attention. Got your glasses on --- you are ritzy or snooty, you fail to recognize your friends, you are up-stage. What do you expect, Eddie is a "moldy fig" and he'll never dig the new sounds. " My Chops is beat --- When a brass man's lips give out.

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Burnin --- Used to describe a particularly emotional or technically excellent solo. Character --- An interesting, out of the ordinary person. Chill 'ya --- When an unusual "hot" passion gives you goose pimples. Sleazy Eddie is a real "crumb." Cut --- To leave or depart. Groovy --- Used in the fifties to denote music that swings or is funky. Gutbucket ---Gutbucket refers to something to store liquor in and to the type of music associated with heavy drinking. That cat Satchmo started out playing some real "gutbucket" in the houses down in New Orleans. Hep --- A term once used to describe someone who knows or understands. Muggles --- One nickname for marijuana used by early Jazzmen (Armstrong has a song by this title). Too many high C's tonight, man, "my chops is beat!!That dude is really cooking, I think he's going to "flip." Flip your lid --- Same as "Blow your top." That cat looks crazy. I can really dig Dizzy's new way of singing "scat." Scene --- A place or atmosphere.