Accommodating workplace injuries svr dating process

30-Apr-2019 15:25

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The courts look to see how permanent the injury is and what kind of limitations it causes.

Even if an employee is not actually disabled, the ADA states that if the employer "perceives" that person as being disabled, the employee may get the protections of the ADA.

However, if the employee's job only requires lifting heavy objects occasionally, and that's not essential to the job, then the employer should accommodate the employee by not requiring the employee to lift heavy things if the employer can allow that without much disruption to the business.

Sometimes an employer can be required to reassign the employee to another job within the employee's medical restrictions.

A person in a wheelchair, an employee who is deaf, an employee who is blind, would automatically be considered disabled under the law.

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For instance, if the employer thinks the employee is a liability because of their health condition, the employee may get protection under the ADA.

People with TBI may experience some of the limitations discussed below, however they seldom will develop all of them.

In addition, the severity of the TBI and degree of limitation will vary among individuals.

Employers should be aware that not all people with TBI will need accommodations to perform their jobs, and many others may only need a few accommodations.

The following is only a sample of the types of accommodations and/or adjustments an employer might consider.Whether or not an employee can be accommodated is supposed to be determined through an "interactive process" between the employer and employee.

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