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Injuries will not be made worse from a standing (weightbearing) x-ray, nor will an injury that might be treated without surgery progress to need surgery if this test is done.The doctor sometimes may take x-rays of your uninjured foot, either for comparison or to determine the stability of the joint.During walking, the midfoot transfers the forces generated by the calf muscles to the front of the foot.The midfoot joint complex is also called the Lisfranc joint.Lisfranc injuries include ligament strains and tears, as well as fractures and dislocations of bone (far right).The midfoot is critical in stabilizing the arch and in walking (gait).After talking with you about your symptoms and discussing your concerns, your doctor will examine your foot and ankle.

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(Right) A very severe injury of the foot from a high-energy event.An x-ray also can show the alignment of the Lisfranc joint.Any change in the normal joint may suggest injury to the ligaments.More severe injuries occur from direct trauma, such as a fall from a height.

These high-energy injuries can result in multiple fractures and dislocations of the joints.

The Lisfranc joint complex has a specialized bony and ligamentous structure, providing stability to this joint.

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