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27-Mar-2019 16:19

So I'm an artist, but a little bit of a peculiar one. You probably don't really want to see my photographs.

My shop teacher in high school wrote that I was a menace on my report card.

This project is shown as a series of monolithic sculptures. And it's important to note that they're to scale, so if you stand 20 feet back and you can read between those two black lines, you have 20/20 vision. We literally count people, find out who lives where, what kind of jobs we've got, the language we speak at home. So what I did was I sorted all this stuff by zip code. These are some dating profiles from 2010 with the word "lonely" highlighted.

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Really simple idea: you take every Academy Award Best Picture, you speed it up to one minute each and string them all together.

But there is one thing I know how to do: I know how to program a computer. And people will tell me that 100 years ago, folks like me didn't exist, that it was impossible, that art made with data is a new thing, it's a product of our age, it's something that's really important to think of as something that's very "now." And that's true.

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