Affiliate dating start up

01-Jul-2019 04:06

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With Click Bank’s advanced reporting, you’ll have access to detailed data about impressions, clicks, and sales for your offers.

Armed with this data, you’ll be able to fine-tune your campaign targeting to increase your earnings.

Take advantage of our resources - our unmatched tech and development expertise combined with our vast marketing experience led to the creation of our powerful Dating Factory Software.

See how it works You will have full access to CSS and HTML, other landers, and the internal B2C of your dating site.

What makes us so rewarding to work with is our immediate and personalised support and high traffic monetisation.

Fill in the registration form and our manager will contact you for clarification of the details.

Each White Label owner makes money from the people who join the platform from their sites, and then those people can interact with the rest of the database.

This means that every single user has the potential to generate profits from day one.

Our partners can start dating sites that are ready immediately - even the very first customer finds an exciting environment full of like-minded people who are ready to date.You can also seek strategic guidance from one of our affiliate experts: just send an email to [email protected] help.