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17-Jun-2019 11:37

One of the country’s preeminent nuclear physicists lives around the corner.The organizer of the La Luz Trail Run, which pits competitors against a nine-mile route to the top of the Sandía Crest, resides across the street.It’s a city with unexpected interests and secret talents—home to filmmakers who take to the gun range on weekends, and to nurses who double as landscape painters.It’s, perhaps, a bit like me, which is why today I so proudly proclaim, “¡Soy de Burque! Apothecary Lounge at Hotel Parq Central Albuquerque has several rooftop bars in its repertoire, but the downtown lights truly dazzle from this lounge’s vantage point.In part, it is the characters who live here that most enliven the city.Take my neighborhood: I live in the Northeast Heights, which some may describe as a land of little boxes made of ticky-tacky, yet it still boasts intriguing denizens.And, our communities are technology enabled, helping your student stay connected to their coursework, friends and you.

As I journeyed away from my home-town, I embraced living in the mist that shrouds the Pacific Northwest, and the dazzling heat of the Arizona desert. Each time I returned, I grew to know Albuquerque better.

Rather than asking it to meet my juvenile expectations, I embraced all the city affords.