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If you have a plain backpack that you would like to contribute to this campaign, please send it to**: If you would like to donate a backpack in memory or in honor of a loved one and would like to attach a name/story/picture/ the bag, please laminate your message and attach it securely to the outside of the bag.Please do not put your message inside the bag, as it will not be seen.If you don’t have a backpack but would like to contribute to the Campaign and the work of Active Minds, please send donations to Active Minds, Inc. The first presentation of the Send Silence Packing Campaign will be on Friday, October 26, 2007 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) will occur between -2pm at 13th and Jefferson Streets, NW, as part of the Fourth National Mental Health on Campus Conference.I have overcome a lot of things from approach anxiety to learning how to get ONS (one night stands). Everyone is welcome to read it and improve their life. The worst part was opening with a friendly vibe because I didn't know how to smile and on top of that, I had a shitty voice. I spoke from my mouth and my voice wasn't loud in certain areas of the venue. I was barely starting to understand what relate/reward is (I didn't fully understand what this is until a year later). Slowly but surely, every thing was coming into place. I was talking to women non stop and I was having really fun interactions with them.I was going through my old posts and realized that I don't agree with a lot of them. I learned how to drop SOIs and how to smile but still no success in terms of a lot of lays from cold approach. So now when I went out, I didn't try to relate/reward. Only thing I did was to get drunk with my friends and have fun. On top of that, I was loosing a lot of weight and started to dress better.

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Back then, I'd rather get beaten up than approach a woman. I've mastered that pretty quickly, but the next six months were hard. Back then, I didn't have that much money and Charisma Arts offered a bootcamp. I still couldn't really do it and I've been at this for 10 months now. I had too much fun now and when I have too much fun, I have no approach anxiety. I could see big groups of girls and wouldn't even hesitate to approach them. In community jargon, this is know as Assuming Attraction. It describes the struggle I went from being an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) to a PUA (Pick Up Artist).Even though I don't consider myself a pick up artist, I definitely got skills to put a lot of guys to shame. All of them flaked on me :)For the next few months, I would go out and practice certain techniques such as DQs and Push Pulls.We hope that you'll check out what's here, and make some comments, and please know that if you're concerned about anonymity, you can comment anonymously.

We hope that what you read, and what you contribute, will make you want to return regularly, because to our knowledge, there really isn't anything out there that has the potential to engage people on so many levels about mental health.

By empowering students and the student voice in mental health awareness, we envision one day when mental health issues are widely discussed, and the number of these tragic deaths is reduced to 0.