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she has really a lot of gratitude towards that man." When we spoke to Danai, she claimed that she is only now getting used to the violence and the gore on .Having done three seasons, do you start to become numb to that kind of thing? But you know the beauty of it is, so is my character.But it's been wonderful because this is a season where Andrea is on her own and she's forced to make a lot of hard decisions - it's complex storytelling and the ramifications of her actions have severe consequences." What can you tell us about her interaction with The Governor (David Morrissey)?"I can't say much, but what I can say is that there's a huge interaction between the two of them.

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having panic attacks when she encountered [the walkers].

continues today, ahead of the show's imminent return to our screens.

Thursday's Q&A is with Laurie Holden, who plays traumatised survivor turned tough cookie Andrea...

Heather Laurie Holden is a human rights activist, model and actress best recognized for her roles on The Mist, The X-Files, The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, The Shield and The Majestic.

She was born to actors Adrienne Ellis and Glenn Corbett.It's been wonderful storytelling." You've got new cast members coming in, but last season you lost several actors - how was that for you? Both of them taught her a lot, particularly Dale - I think his presence in her life made her better and she grew up a lot because of his influence.