Articles on validating web site designs

15-Aug-2019 20:23

Don't forget tothank your visitors after the reconstruction of your site.

Make them feelappreciated as they will be part of your upcoming website success.

These information are valuable to help you determine how you should beredesigning your website catering to target audiences.

Insert snippets of trivia and show your personalitythrough your posts to excite visitors. So if you think your writing won't impress viewers andyou can't keep up with providing regular and frequent news, a good idea isto hire a copywriter.

In this tool, you will see how many of yourvisitors come from the US, Europe, and other countries.

You will see howmany of them are using mobile browsers and web browsers, how they arrivedat your website, the keywords mostly used to land at your site and etc.

These are general components that should be present in any website.

Google Analytics is a free and handy tool to learn and study your websitetraffic's demographics.

Posting great and unique content is fundamental in every website.

Not to mention, you can talk to strangers at fast rates.… continue reading »

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