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Brandy thinks she is a spaniel with a pedigree, but in the episode Pedigree, Schmedigree, it is revealed that she is an unspecified mixed breed from a puppy hound.She often tends to be motherly towards Whiskers, often treating him like her own son. Whiskers is Brandy's best friend and former arch-rival. When she asked him to find her some light he accidently opened the Emergency Escape Hatch, which caused them both to end up in the Amazon Rainforest.Brandy Harrington (of the Florida Harringtons) is the main protagonist of Brandy and Mr. She often has good advice to give Whiskers, as well as some bad ones, followed by insults that every so often hurts his feelings. Brandy desperately wanted to get back home (after Whiskers destroyed the cellphone she got in one of the suitcases which fell out of the aircraft along with them).

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When Brandy first arrived in the Amazom, Margo helped her out by giving her inside information on where the popular people hang out, and suggests she shouldn't hang out with Mr.

Brandy often describes him like everyone else does, silly, gross, sloppy and overall annoying, while he personally thinks of Brandy as his best friend. They first meet when Brandy is sitting up in a tree with Whiskers when Lola offers her help. Whiskers rudely yells at her and she slithers off crying and feeling insulted.

Brandy asks for her help when Whiskers is taken away by Gaspar Le Gecko, Lola gladly does it. Margo tries to screw up Brandy to make herself look good. He often uses Brandy for his evil plans to get rid of Mr.

Whiskers while on her way to a spa for the first time in an aircraft's cargo room. Whiskers grows very fond of Brandy and comes to like her.

She lived in luxury over the years until she meet Mr.

When Brandy desperately wanted to get home, Whiskers broke the cellphone she found in one of the suitcases.

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