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27-Mar-2019 13:12

Part 1 of 3: The Prodigal Sister My little apartment. At that point, I hadn't seen my older sister in several months. That way, there would be no misunderstandings, and no hurt feelings if we couldn't come to terms. Doing things over the phone seemed to be the better option. After several rings, she answered: We made small talk at first. That'll cover my end of the rent for the next several months. "Jeez, I wasn't expecting that." "I've got some income and savings." "Oh, I just assumed that you'd need a new job since you're moving here." "I'm kind of like a freelance model now," she replied. My income should be steady until I find something better to do." "Great. This feels so sudden." "If you think it's sudden, then wait until next month." "What happens then? "Email me your bank information and I'll send you ,000 tomorrow. So long being lazy in front of the tv, or doing whatever I wanted, or leaving my stuff everywhere. And she was going to be my new roommate for the next few years.

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That's when I was forced to do something I dreaded: I had to find a roommate. I looked at the new pictures on her google profile. It's hard to admit, but she became even sexier than before. Growing up together, I used to tease her because she looked like a duck. I stared at the computer screen, thinking of how to reply to her inquiry. My fingers waited on the keyboard and I was ready to reply to my sister's email. I want us to be open & honest with each other." I shrugged. I never thought you would ever do something like that." "It's not like I'm sleeping with anyone for money. I was starting to get worried until I got an email from Ellary. Then I saw your note on facebook and it helped me make my decision." "So this is all my fault? I can't afford this apartment with my salary anymore." "Still don't believe me, huh? "Rent is serious business." Ellary paused for a moment on the phone. I'll transfer ,000 to your account as a good faith gesture. I'll be moving back to San Francisco and we'll be best buddies." "Sounds good." "Then it's settled," she replied.

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I was hoping that someone wanted to move to the city and was willing to pay me several hundred dollars for my extra bedroom. Some people were interested, but nothing ever came of it. "I had been thinking about moving back to San Francisco for the past few months. And I expect a fair deal." "Don't worry, I'll give you a fair deal." "Good, because a fair deal is all I can afford right now." The issue of money suddenly came to mind. "So I'll need a few hundred dollars from you each month." "That can be done." "At least 0. That's the best deal I can give you." "Sure, no problem." "Do you have a job? "Something like that." "Don't take this the wrong way, but if you don't have enough money, I'll have to kick you out. Plates were already arranged along with freshly sliced fruits.

Then she poured me a cup of hot coffee, along with another cup of water.

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