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Oracle SQL*NET sql-net 66 udp IANA assigned this [Jack_Haverty] [Jack_Haverty] well-formed service name as a replacement for "sql*net". This entry is now sql*net 66 udp Oracle SQL*NET [Jack_Haverty] [Jack_Haverty] historic, not usable for use with many common service discovery mechanisms.

bootps 67 tcp Bootstrap Protocol Server [Bill_Croft] [Bill_Croft] [RFC951] Defined TXT keys: None bootps 67 udp Bootstrap Protocol Server bootpc 68 tcp Bootstrap Protocol Client [Bill_Croft] [Bill_Croft] bootpc 68 udp Bootstrap Protocol Client [Bill_Croft] [Bill_Croft] tftp 69 tcp Trivial File Transfer [David_Clark] [David_Clark] tftp 69 udp Trivial File Transfer [David_Clark] [David_Clark] gopher 70 tcp Gopher [Mark_Mc Cahill] [Mark_Mc Cahill] gopher 70 udp Gopher [Mark_Mc Cahill] [Mark_Mc Cahill] netrjs-1 71 tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-1 71 udp Remote Job Service netrjs-2 72 tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-2 72 udp Remote Job Service netrjs-3 73 tcp Remote Job Service netrjs-3 73 udp Remote Job Service netrjs-4 74 tcp Remote Job Service [Bob_Braden] [Bob_Braden] netrjs-4 74 udp Remote Job Service [Bob_Braden] [Bob_Braden] 75 tcp any private dial out service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 75 udp any private dial out service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] deos 76 tcp Distributed External Object [Robert_Ullmann] [Robert_Ullmann] Store deos 76 udp Distributed External Object [Robert_Ullmann] [Robert_Ullmann] Store 77 tcp any private RJE service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 77 udp any private RJE service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] vettcp 78 tcp vettcp [Christopher_Leong] [Christopher_Leong] vettcp 78 udp vettcp [Christopher_Leong] [Christopher_Leong] Unauthorized use by some finger 79 tcp Finger [David_Zimmerman] [David_Zimmerman] mail users (see [RFC4146] for details) Unauthorized use by some finger 79 udp Finger [David_Zimmerman] [David_Zimmerman] mail users (see [RFC4146] for details) http 80 tcp World Wide Web HTTP Defined TXT keys: u= www 80 tcp World Wide Web HTTP This is a duplicate of the "http" service and should not be used for discovery purposes.

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In some cases other widely-supported content types may also be appropriate, such as plain text over HTTP, or JPEG image over HTTP.It can be easily added to the leading CMSes or forums: Joomla! It has literally every feature you will need in a chat, dynamic skin change, upload/webcam avatar, video special effects, avatars, smilies, flash emotions, voice messages, multiple rooms, separate video windows, a facebook-like chat bar, social connect...even video conference mode, which allows video publishers to become broadcasters, whose video will automatically broadcast for everyone in the current chat room.auditd 48 tcp Digital Audit Daemon [Larry_Scott] [Larry_Scott] auditd 48 udp Digital Audit Daemon [Larry_Scott] [Larry_Scott] tacacs 49 tcp Login Host Protocol (TACACS) [Pieter_Ditmars] [Pieter_Ditmars] tacacs 49 udp Login Host Protocol (TACACS) [Pieter_Ditmars] [Pieter_Ditmars] re-mail-ck 50 tcp Remote Mail Checking [Steve_Dorner] [Steve_Dorner] Protocol re-mail-ck 50 udp Remote Mail Checking [Steve_Dorner] [Steve_Dorner] Protocol 51 Reserved 2013-05-24 This entry is being removed on 2013-05-24.

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xns-time 52 tcp XNS Time Protocol [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-time 52 udp XNS Time Protocol [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] domain 53 tcp Domain Name Server [Paul_Mockapetris] [Paul_Mockapetris] domain 53 udp Domain Name Server [Paul_Mockapetris] [Paul_Mockapetris] xns-ch 54 tcp XNS Clearinghouse [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-ch 54 udp XNS Clearinghouse [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] isi-gl 55 tcp ISI Graphics Language isi-gl 55 udp ISI Graphics Language xns-auth 56 tcp XNS Authentication [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-auth 56 udp XNS Authentication [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] 57 tcp any private terminal access [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 57 udp any private terminal access [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] xns-mail 58 tcp XNS Mail [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-mail 58 udp XNS Mail [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] 59 tcp any private file service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 59 udp any private file service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 60 tcp Unassigned 60 udp Unassigned 61 tcp Reserved 2017-05-18 This entry has been removed on 2017-05-18.User Ports are assigned by IANA using the "IETF Review" process, the "IESG Approval" process, or the "Expert Review" process, as per [RFC6335]. The registration procedures for service names and port numbers are described in [RFC6335].

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