Carbon 14 dating the giza pyramids Virtual tchat girl sex

27-Apr-2019 12:06

According to carbon dating methods, the human remains found in that same tomb were 7,000 years old.

Therefore it is reasonable to think objects found in that tomb, including the egg, were equally old.

Nevertheless, if it is indeed the case that they stole a cartouche from a small compartment within the pyramid, this is a despicable act that should have big consequences.

But we turn our attention now to another controversy that has emerged out of this dispute.

It sits inside a glass case with a wall behind it, so there’s a limit to what angle can be photographed.

In 2019, I noticed that the museum had changed the angle of the egg that was visible to me, so I took another photo showing a clearer view of the three triangles: Some skeptics have suggested that the 3 triangles might represent the Nubian pyramids of Sudan in the Meroitic kingdom of Kush.

Curiously, the shafts inside the pyramids of Giza and the positioning of the pyramids themselves, correspond exactly with the constellation of Orion.

But the perfect alignment between the pyramids and the constellation only occurred in the year 10,500BC.

In the case of the three major Giza pyramids, bodies were not found inside, and therefore the carbon-14 dating has relied on artifacts found on the surrounding plateau, such as remains of bread in a fire pit.

Could the triangles etched on that presumably 7,000-year-old egg represent the pyramids of Giza? Alongside the triangles, there’s a marking that some people think could represent the Nile river and the Fayoum Oasis. I haven’t seen any debate questioning that the egg itself is 7,000 years old. The debate I’ve seen centers around what the drawing represents.

Ie, does it represent the Giza pyramids, Nile River, and Fayoum Oasis as the theorists claim? The photo at the top of this page shows the view of the egg that I photographed when I visited the Nubian Museum in 2018.

It also suggests that the Pyramid is not the burial place for a king but a centre of power.

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It is of no surprise that the Ancient Egyptian section of the Ministry of State of Antiquities vehemently refuted such results, brandishing the archaeologists as “amateurs”, and reemphasising that the Great Pyramid belongs to King Khufu, the second king of the fourth dynasty, and that it was built during his reign to be used as his royal burial place for eternity.It’s fascinating to look at this 7,000-year-old object and try to come up with alternate theories for what the image is showing.