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During war girls often drop out of school because it becomes too dangerous to travel to classes. School attendance is further discouraged when the absence of males means greater workloads for women and girls.

This is particularly true when, in the absence of both parents, adolescent girls take over as heads of their households.

Most South African men struggle to define what a real man is.

Often the yardstick is many children, many women, a sports car, the loudest sound system and so on," she says.

The school will offer business skills, job training, domestic abuse prevention, health and nutrition information, and peace building classes.

The curriculum will be adjusted as dictated by Coburwas, teachers, students, community needs, and Peopleweaver.

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To most, a woman's place is in the kitchen."She says her ex was macho, fiercely independent, with a burgeoning sense of entitlement and thought the world belonged to him."He expected me to cook and clean and provide sex on demand". On the contrary, he will protect you and build you up."Tsheko Mahlanga, a local, says women who date foreigners are "easy" and rejects."They are enticed by money.

We, in partnership with Coburwas, will provide women living in Bunagana the opportunity to start or continue their education. Building one will be finished in 2017, with first classes and meetings starting in September 2017.

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