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15-Aug-2019 05:06

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One historic storm in one place over the course of one day.

While Cyclone Idai was the worst storm in Mozambique’s history, the world is looking towards a future where these “unprecedented” storms are commonplace.

This deterioration will exacerbate many humanitarian crises and may lead to more people being on the move.

Multilateral institutions, development agencies, and international law must do far more to thoroughly examine the challenges of climate change (early efforts, like the World Bank’s 2010 World Development Report on climate change, had little uptake at a time when few thought a climate crisis was around the corner).

The intersection of climate change and migration requires new, nimble, and comprehensive solutions to the multidimensional challenges it creates.

The destabilizing effects of climate change should be of great concern to all those who seek security and stability in the region.

The current system of international law is not equipped to protect climate migrants, as there are no legally binding agreements obliging countries to support climate migrants.

While climate migrants who flee unbearable conditions resemble refugees, the legal protections afforded to refugees do not extend to them.

people) were forced to move by “sudden onset” weather events—flooding, forest fires after droughts, and intensified storms.

While the remaining two-thirds of displacements are the results of other humanitarian crises, it is becoming obvious that climate change is contributing to so-called slow onset events such as desertification, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, air pollution, rain pattern shifts and loss of biodiversity.Climate and security experts often cite the impacts of the extreme drought in Syria that preceded the 2011 civil war.