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02-Jul-2019 15:40

They work well as binge-able Netflix series as long as you’re willing to focus a little bit more than usual, but with the fewer number of episodes, just look at how many series you can get through in one sitting!

Thankfully, the streaming service has a wide variety to choose from, from crime thrillers to absurd comedy.

Rich or not, these scenarios do not represent real life.

The truth is, these shows are far from reality and some are even fake! In 2008, it was criticized by several critics when in one of its episodes, the collar of the lead investigator, Grant Wilson, was claimed to have been pulled down by an “unforeseen” force three times.

Because one of his hands was strangely positioned at his side during the video, critics were led to believe that it was only him who was pulling a string to make his collar move.

However, the show was put into controversy after the discovery of fake profiles released by the show regarding its contestants. was an American reality television series that followed the family-owned Carlo’s Bakery, where they make cakes and handle interpersonal relationships between family members and the workers in the shop.

It premiered in 2009 on TLC and extended up to six seasons with the last season’s debut on May 27, 2013. of and Cake Boss bakery management program, and Discovery Communications of Valastro’s Cake Boss, reached an agreement after an issue arose causing confusion over identical trademarks. The premise of these shows is to present to the audience an unscripted situation with real people or celebrity contestants.

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