Custom excel function not updating easy mate dating

19-May-2019 08:51

When i use the function directly in the worksheet cell it returns 'VALUE! So, when I use "=get Cpn Data(B20,"Today","days",'Control Sheet'! Whereas if I use: I don't know what your subs do, but any UDF (a function called from the worksheet), or any procedure called by a UDF, can't do anything to change the environment.

$B)" in a cell (are cell formulae supposed to be in CODE tags? A UDF can only return a value to the cell in which it appears. When I see that, that's usually an indication the error is significant enough to block Excel from calling the function.

#Value is the error returned when a UDF tries to do something "illegal." UDF's cannot alter the environment; can only return a value to the cell they are called from.

My suspicion is that something in one of those three macros called is performing an illegal operation, causing the UDF to stop and returning the #Value error.

The function works as intended because it had the desired effect in my worksheet this morning.

However, I've come back to the sheet to continue working on another area to find all the cells containing the function showing "VALUE! I've tested the function by calling it from a subroutine and putting the function result in a msg Box - it returns the expected answer. Any suggestions welcome as I'm really not sure what the solution is (as you'll see from the code, I've tried using volatile to no avail so I commented it back out).

A volatile function will be recalculated whenever calculation occurs in any cells on the worksheet. Non-volatile functions are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change.

However the problem is that when flag = false - the function gives ! By default, UDF's (User Defined Functions) in Excel VBA are not volatile. Explanation: the non-volatile function is not recalculated when any other cell on the sheet changes. They are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change. Now writing functions had been easy with the help of Mike . and i am not able to select it .else write the function directly .. Please send a sample of user defined function to my email id ..

i have downloaded his videos and practise it at home ... selected user defined function but under it my created function doest appear.. if you can help me to write down my first user defined function and some what in VBA.. I think I've noticed this happening for me when I threw in a value once that was "$xyz" as opposed to "xyz" (I mean xyz to be some integer, of course). I suggest you copy your formula into Notepad, then type any number into the cell.

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