Dating a cat lady

30-Jun-2019 23:06

We’re people who stand up to our own species to address the cruelty that is happening.

and the world has had an absolute blast with that “crazy cat lady” stereotype ever since. Dorian Wagner is the founder of Cat Lady Box and the cat video blog Your Daily Cute.She can be single, married, straight, lesbian, old, young, skinny, fat, affluent, monetarily challenged, employed or unemployed. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the world decided that women who have cats are crazy… The “Modern Cat Lady” should be changed to read “Modern Cat Person.” It is also perpetuating a stereotype to infer that only women love cats. I believe that in this day and age NO ONE should be labeled, a victim of stereotypes or pigeon-holed by strange and antiquated definitions that are NOT based on fact!Tamar’s blog reads like “Sex and the Kitty” and has brought together thousands of like-minded people from around the globe.

I sometimes joke that if I’d ever be single again, I’d become a crazy cat lady.In the beginning of this month I started a new series of posts here at My Book Fetish focusing on the cat lady stereotype. Caren Gittleman is a life-long Clevelander who worked in advertising at The Plain Dealer (Ohio’s largest newspaper) for 21 and a half years.