Dating a doctor

22-Apr-2019 12:43

While long distance was actually good for us..the type who would lash out.

And I thought that was weird because his career will only bring him more stress, so he needed to deal with his bad emotions. I love relationships and the people I am in them with, but I definitely like my own space, too. I might miss the person every so often, but I feel like that would make being with them even more special to me.

If I were single and the guy was awesome, I'd probably give it a try, but I don't know how long I could do that.

I don't think I'd mind the odd hours since I keep odd hours myself.

Hi, I'm a guy who is studying to become a doctor, hopefully a surgeon. But I guess, you have to have a little bit of one anyways to go into our line of work.

I understand from reading other posts that there is some sort of appeal to guys who are doctors, but in reality, what are your thoughts on dating a surgeon, especially a resident who will be working almost 90 hours a week for 5-7 years, not being able to come home some nights, always being tired and stressed, etc. From the admittedly small sample size I have here, it seems that many women are put off by the hours and demands, but there are some who would be willing to work through it. I'm OB/gyn and there's a whole other stereotype with that.

I found every response to be worthwhile and helpful, regardless of what was said. Although, I know many who have non-med partners and do great.

Also, there's stricter work hour restrictions for residents now, so you'll max out at 80hrs. Programs can apply to push for an extra 10% and the field I'm planning on going into is the least compliant of all, though I think it's getting better. I'm not sure if I would want to date another going-to-be medical professional, especially at this stage, though maybe people cool down a bit once they actually become doctors.

They tend to have shitty schedules all throughout their careers.

This all depends also on having a girlfriend who understands you will be stressed, and she will have to have her own life, hobbies, and friends to fall back on for when she can't be with you..way she doesn't feel so lonely.

Personally, I don't think I would date another doctor/med student.

While you may not be able to control your work hours all the time, and you WILL need an SO who understands it can be out of your hands, you do control the attitude you bring with it.

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It's sort of like what they tell you in anger react is all up to you.One thing I looked at was doctor's divorce rates and doctor-doctor marriages have only a 10% separation rate which is astronomically low, so it appears you're spot on with "shit where you eat".

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