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04-May-2019 17:50

Buying things to stave off the feelings of low-self worth and fear, in the spirit of feeling better about ourselves, is a temporary fix to achieve higher self-confidence.

Depression, anxiety and feelings of insecurity or rejection can drive us to seek out temporary fixes to low self-confidence, but for a lot of men I work with, that acquisition of things, experiences and others (read: women and sexual conquests) comes to define who they are.

We know how we “should” be, and it seems everyone’s got an idea of what it means to be self-confident. Our head is swimming with millions of other people’s messages all clamoring for mental airtime, and it’s quite distracting when we need to be trying to tune into our own inner knowing instead.

We’ve gotten messages (or a lack of them) from so many different sources—parents, schools, media, women—saying we don’t measure up in some way. Inside our heads, we may intellectually feel secure knowing she loves us, or that we’re killing it at work, or that we are indeed “good enough,” but our gut pumps out another kind of message.

Try challenging the messages you are exposed to, because they’re probably not going to give you the self-confidence you’re looking for.Other guys lack the confidence to meet women, so they stay alone and unhappy.On the job, there are guys that regularly undermine their own chances of success because of potently low self-confidence levels, so they end up dragging along and being miserable in jobs they hate.So, learning to tune into this deeper knowing may not always be pleasant, and it may be contrary to other people’s messages, but it can bring insight where your mind has been unreliable.

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Sometimes, negative emotions come up for us when we sit with them, such as in meditation, journaling, therapy, private time or other contemplative practices.Those external sources of self-confidence eventually fade, and the negative feelings are still there afterwards to deal with, or like many guys, to keep on avoiding.