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Early anaphase- shortening of kinetochore microtubules 6.Telophase- de-condensation of chromosomes and surrounded by nuclear membranes, formation of cleavage furrow. Cytokinesis- division of cytoplasm Meiosis is a reductional cell division where the number of chromosomes is divided into half.

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Prophase I ‘“ pairing of homologous chromosome pair and recombination (crossing over) occurs 3.

The type of gifts is dependant upon the talent and financial ability of the couple.

A Delaware Native American girl who reached puberty may have had her union prearranged by her parents.

In warmer climates, where women would raise crops to support the families, they were considered the providers.

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In cooler climates where families subsisted on hunting performed by the men, the communities were considered patriarchal.The couple may be required to perform certain responsibilities in preparation for their wedding.