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01-Mar-2019 12:27

Root beer was commonly dispensed in stoneware bottles during the 19th century, particularly east of the Mississippi.The example pictured to the left is a typical 1850s to 1870s era bottle that is incised with DR.

Because of this the term "soda water" is primarily used here (Riley 1958; Munsey 1970; Mc Kearin & Wilson 1978; Schulz, et al. As a side note, carbonation was desired in these products for reasons beyond sensory pleasure. can be traced back to at least 1806 when the first reference was made to the need for "soda water" bottles by a New England scientist that was asked to make and offer the product by his neighbors (Riley 1958).

Much of the information on this page for some of these closure related styles is shared with the pertinent sections on the Bottle Finishes & Closures: Part III: Types of Bottle Closures page.

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