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03-Jun-2019 12:30

I told them that I find dating tiresome and the men I've met have been disappointing. For the first couple of weeks, not a great amount happened.We were encouraged to chat in the group, but I have to admit I found myself wondering what I'd actually be gaining from this experience, when I was basically screening messages from a group of women I'd never met before.

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They are strong minded, smart and usually kicking butt in their careers...

A webinar was the first time I got to see Hayley at work, and I realised why people are so drawn to the bootcamp.

In her charming way, she explained what we'd be learning over the next few weeks and encouraged us to be open-minded about the whole process (must try harder).

“Books didn't seem practical or helpful, so I found the course via Hayley's You Tube channel, and the live coaching style really appealed to me.

“Since doing the bootcamp my attitude to dating has changed, because my mindset has shifted.To be honest, when the email first dropped in my inbox I was sceptical AF.