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22-Mar-2019 06:59

George had met Monica before he became such a big star. There were rumors around the grapevine doubting George's gender.And the two finally went out publicly as a romantically-linked couple after the awards ceremony where George took Monica as his date. After four years, the relationship is still going strong. By showing Monica to the public, the gossips about him being gay were squandered. Eads won an award for this role, along with four nominations. The Screen Actors Guild Award had recognized his work and gave him an award along with his co-stars in the series. Her pretty face and warm smile may be the things that drew George closer. However, later, when confronting a wounded Undersheriff Mc Keen—Warrick's killer—the undersheriff goads an increasingly angry Nick into attempting to shoot him as well.Nick, about to shoot Mc Keen Jim Brass hears a shot fired and arrives on the scene to find Mc Keen still alive and wounded, and a once-again calm Nick stating coldly that "[he] missed.Originally from Toronto, Monica came to the US to practice her profession. The two had previously declared that they're fine with the relationship they share and wherever it leads them, they'll welcome it. Monica was the nurse in duty and she was the one who attended to Ead's sore finger. But they are yet to say that marriage is their next goal. It happened during the time that George is doing Evel Knievel. Thus informed, Nick's coworkers rushed to his rescue and managed to save him from the brink of death.Season Nine In the season 9 premiere, For Warrick, Nick is shown to remain calm and composed upon learning of Warrick's death.

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Additionally, Grissom's infamous fetal pig in a jar has been placed in there as well, by Hodges.

For those who don't know who George Eads is, he is Nick Stokes, the handsome crime investigator of CSI.

This American actor hailed from Texas and was born in 1967. Needless to say, George Eads's shot to fame was courtesy of his much-followed TV series.

One thing's for sure- they'd be doing more than oversleeping in bed! It may also not have been the two CSI people people assumed it to be. And I'm not trying to mold R15 to my way of thinking.

" It's the BI #30:[r13] little more than four years ago a gay cast member told me they were not a couple and that Eric had just broken up with somebody~Eric was still living at George's. I am not getting into huge arguments on this as it's not worth it. In livejournal, there was an insider called "Gwen" (who also posted in DL) and who worked in Vegas hotel industry.For example this BI was published in 2004 Sept/Oct and George started to 'date' his beard in November 2004.

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