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Other than that - an STD test for both of you is probably a good idea; if you want to shrug off the johnnies.Most things are treatable even HIV (which is no longer a death sentence) but you'd still want to wear a condom if you found your partner was HIV .I fully admit my ignorance and this seemed like a good place to ask. They are taught as an absolute, binary "big risk" without ever talking about specific transmission numbers. HIV is higher than in the US due to a general lack of awareness regarding safe sex up until the 90s when a big public relations campaign changed attitudes. New infection rate is slightly lower in Thailand than the US now.Are the things I hear about Thailand having very high STD rates true? Most people with HIV here were infected a long timee ago.I do not at all mean to come across as judgmental, I just don't know anything about the place. Both the risk and impact of STDs has been massively distorted in "health" classes in the USA and many other countries.

dating girl with std-45

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The main real reason to use condoms is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.Hepatitis is endemic in Thailand and something that is easily transmitted via intercourse.