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Contains an error message that corresponds to error status reported by the Error Code property (see Section A.2.38, "Error Code"). Type BSTR Default 0 Related to SCCVW_BAILOUT (Outside In Viewer) If this is set to TRUE then the control will automatically display error messages as errors occur. Type Short int (possible future extension) Default TRUE Related to SCCVW_BAILOUT (Outside In Viewer) Read only.

String used when a human-readable form of the file name is needed.

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A value of 0 is returned to indicate that the current page number is not available.The page number is available when the word processing display engine is in preview mode, and not available when it is in draft or normal mode.For other formats such as spreadsheets, presentations, and multi-page images, the page number is equivalent to the number of the current sheet, slide, or image.Type BOOL Default FALSE Related to SCCID_ARCSORTORDER (Outside In Viewer) Read only.

This property indicates whether or not the current image can be dithered.If no call has been made to the Copy method, then the value will be zero.