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28-May-2019 18:10

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Hoby doesn’t specify how Morrison wields her “compassion,” but I’ve been considering the word more regularly as of late on account of the combative response to the arrest of Bill Cosby.

The halls of the internet have blared with declarations from both ends.

I think the Marines made things worse in a way because the rigidity was something he was predisposed to as well.

Every little bump in the civilian world rubbed him the wrong way, and he had a hard time just letting stuff ride.

Nothing creates arrogance, but some things foster it among people who were arrogant to begin with.

I am dating a marine and he criticizes everything a lot.

For the last few days, I’ve been haunted by a months-old article about Toni Morrison published by The Guardian and penned by Hermione Hoby.

The piece considers Morrison’s lofty stature as “the conscious of America,” an acknowledgement gracing Morrison — perhaps as a necklace, perhaps as a noose — for her body of work’s fearless gaze upon American racism with what Hoby describes as a “steadiness of rage and compassion.” For me, the rage comes easily — a gnarled bat resting on my shoulder like bluebirds do for Disney princesses singing in forests. More directly, the idea of confronting American racism with compassion has left me dragging rigid fingertips not so much through my hair but against my scalp, kinesics indicating less a need to hold onto something as much as a need to break through — possibly American racism for freedom of the soul, or possibly my skull for freedom from this idea of compassion as a necessity for killing beasts.

He's taught me a lot, but not a lot of women like to feel controlled that way.Then just two weeks ago, I met yet ANOTHER former Marine, in about the same amount of time his arrogance and self righteousness came out.