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Many anticipated that discrete Indian communities would vanish from the scene entirely in a matter of a decade or two. The Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 signaled the beginning of the end of the assimilation era.Floundering government educational and economic development programs on the reservations were revamped; financial credit was extended to the tribes.From this foundation follows the significance of colonialism, and particularly settler colonialism, as the primary form of domination confronted by Native peoples in ongoing struggles for justice.Our Native American Studies program considers broadly the relationship of indigeneity and settler colonialism, foregrounding the historical contexts and constraints through which indigenous individuals and polities have expressed and continue to express themselves.The theory behind the Dawes Act was simple enough: The only good Indian was a white Indian.The corrupt paternalists of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and misguided missionaries from the mainline Protestant denominations presided over this malign and dehumanizing process.

The Ethnic Studies Library recognizes that Berkeley sits on the territory of Huichin, the ancestral and unceded land of the Chochenyo Ohlone, the successors of the historic and sovereign Verona Band of Alameda County.

Wounded Knee serves as a kind of grim coda to one of the sorriest chapters in American history. government embarked on a badly misconceived crusade to assimilate Native communities into mainstream America.

According to David Treuer, a gifted and subtle Ojibwe writer and anthropologist who grew up on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota, what lay ahead for Indians was even more tragic than what went down during the 270 years of warfare that ended in 1890. The goal of the 1886 Dawes Act (and subsequent legislation) was nothing less than the destruction of traditional Indian culture and identity.

Consistent with our values of community and diversity, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and make visible the university’s relationship to Native peoples.

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By offering this Land Acknowledgement, we affirm Indigenous sovereignty and will work to hold University of California Berkeley more accountable to the needs of American Indian and Indigenous peoples.Since the founding of the Department in 1969, the collections of these libraries grew from student interest in collecting and preserving a perspective by and for racialized communities that they saw as lacking or marginalized in other campus libraries.

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