Dating the action in great expectations a new chronology

20-Aug-2019 03:34

Paroissien's passion for finding the illuminating detail and for getting the detail right is evident. readers will find Paroissien's companionship rich in research and of breath-taking fullness.

Thorough, well-considered, clear, incisive and complete, the Companion to 'Great Expectations' gives readers everything needed for its full appreciation.

The result manifests a "compromise between the inventive requirements of the novelist and those of the journalist committed to reportage" (p. The blending of "fiction and reality" occurs especially in the invention of "plausible but imaginary names beyond the reach of the most determined source hunter" (440).

dating the action in great expectations a new chronology-2

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It takes the student through the novel's origins, completion, dense allusions, and what Graham Greene calls its 'secret prose'.Contending that Great Expectations with its strong "sense of place" is Dickens's nearest approach to the "regional novel" (pp.7-8), he attempts to recover for us the historical actuality of the Dickensian settings.List of Illustrations General Preface by the Editors Acknowledgements Abbreviations for Dickens's Works and Related Material Bibliographical Symbols and Abbreviations Introduction A Note on the Text How to use the Notes The Notes Appendix One: The Sequence of Events in Pip's Narrative Appendix Two: The Hoo Peninsula and Rochester Appendix Three: The Temple, Little Britain and the River Thames Appendix Four: Maps Appendix Five: Serial Instalments in "All the Year Round" Select Bibliography Index.

David Paroissien is also the author of 'The Companion to "Oliver Twist"', also in this series.

His "Hypothetical Chronology" occupies ten pages of an appendix and constitutes an absorbing historical narrative in itself of the datable events significant for the novel - from 1760 (Magwitch's birth) to 1860-1 (Pip's composition of his memoirs).

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