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25-Apr-2019 18:39

But when that couple separates and divorces – why would they then marry each other again?

An Imperfect World There can be any number of reasons why a couple once divorced, may reunite.

They both went through relationships with other people, but they missed each other.

They couldn’t get the type of comfort from others that they received from each other.

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I call one my “text boyfriend.” We’ve kept in on/off touch for two years, during various periods of singleness, without ever meeting up.Two reasons offered by two different couples who married, divorced and then remarried offer some insight into this question.I recently discussed this subject with two different couples who married, divorced and then remarried again. They married the summer before they went into college.When they were just dating, they could both suppress the conflicts between them, but marriage didn’t allow them to do that and that’s when things got ugly.

They spent another six months with a counselor, learning how to manage their conflicts in a positive manner and developing the skills to cope with their disagreements.

Have you ever wondered why anyone would marry the same person twice?

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