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You can also see if there are any cheats on the internet.

The cast of The Sims 2 - 2004 includes: David Boat as Adult Male Sim 2 Jack Conte as Teenage Male Sim Zoe Galvez as Adult Female Sim 2 Stephen Kearin as Adult Male Sim 1 Gerri Lawlor as Adult Female Sim 1 Donna Le Tourneau as Sim Thessaly Lerner as Teenage Female Sim Liz Mamorsky as Elder Female Sim Nikki Rapp as Child Sim Phil Sheridan as Sim One of the cheats is "Danni", which gives you 1050 health and 100 money.

No, but if you save just before the sim goes into labour, you can exit to the neighbourhood without saving, then re-enter until you get the gender you want.

if you don't use downloads or a lot of cheats then it might be that the disk is scratched or your computer doesn't meet the requirements.

:):):) You get your sim what her or she wants and earn the points for the wants and fears thing.

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To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The super cheat is yet to be found, but the clue is that it's a blond pop star song.