Dating women in indiana prison

22-Aug-2019 20:08

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(with a straight face lol) Because it isn't the lifestyle for me makes it not appealing to me..I made the best out of my time (I did the time and didn't let the time do me) I had some horrible days, and I had some really REALLY awesome days..please don't make this into something that's not discouraging. But I can see the revolving door aspect...because sometimes real life can suck and it's just an easier way of living. Granted I had hand me down headphones and watched movies and shows from a small tv screen but man was those movies good!

That's why I really wish people like me would come out more about being in prison. We could go outside we could get passes and go to the library and humdingle are ways there. I knew people who got so much money on their books they would have a stock pile and run a store. I met a girl who was doing 30 years for a crack rock the size of a quarter.

I was like the physical Oprah isn't going to come to Rockville but no one believed me (simple minded) But by god her camera crew sure did.

Actually they came as soon as I got there and left as soon as I left it was strange lol. I have served time in Rockville Correctional Facility for Women in Indiana.

People who I see everyday would probably be shocked to know that I was in "prison". I will carry my felony conviction for the rest of my life. I (along with my hubby) took over the cemetery when my grandparents retired. Seven families did not receive the monuments they ordered. But now you can see I have been on both sides of the track. I must say I was scared to death, but, looking back, better than county jail. Too much of a story to put on here as it usually is. The stories I could tell about Rockville, shake most people and I'm glad it does.

I had always wanted my own business, so I started this monument company. To make this a little shorter, the judge had it out for me because of the nature of the crime. I did 3 months and 2 years probation as well as community service. The scariest thing is you really don't know anyone unless they were in the same county jail as you. Wondering what your family and friends are doing on the outside. You are constantly thinking and thinking and thinking. but all in all he done me a favor and I am determined to make it on my own. I know I am a good person and that God watches over me so I will be fine.. Gives me a chance to talk about it and do some more healing and most of all, I hope I help someone feel better! If you post to this I will automatically get the email. Angie I will be sentenced on october 23rd to a 2 do 1 sentence.. Wasn't long really, when I look back but you don't think that while your there. I was on a rocky path in life and I needed something to wake me up. The most terrifying thing about DOC is not knowing why people are in. That gets me to one night on my break this girl who was a "Stud" my god she looked just like a boy!

Recidivism is greatly reduced when an ex-offender has support from family or friends, to return to after incarceration.

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So in the midst of all of this everyone was telling us that Oprah was going to be there lol.

You have to realize that you are in prison and they are not there to make friends. I wish your daughter the very best of luck when she gets out. They read them in there before the inmate gets them. Being in a dorm with 150-200 women in one big area can become quite overwhelming. One locked her 4 kids up in their room ages ranged from 3-8 and set the house on fire.