Dating your ex husband

22-Apr-2019 22:46

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He is also seeing a woman who I have never said a bad word about, yet she sends me ALL KINDS of trash emails and texts and at one time recruited a friend of hers, that I dont even know but had seen around the ballpark where my son played, to do the same.

My ex has told her, and anyone else who would listen, so many lies I've lost count.

I know my ex is jealous and still bitter because I'm the one who left him.

He sees it as a form of losing and he absolutely hates to lose.

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Anyway, I just wish we could be adults and be civil to one another because we have a teen son together but they hate me so much that any kind of relationship seems impossible. The world needs more empathetic people in it; people that aren’t clouded with resentment; people that truly want the best for others regardless of their own past pains.

No one deserves to go through what I did with that man. I tried to tell her something similar, but I think my ex twisted my words - making me seem like a jealous ex.

I really hope she’s okay, and same for the woman dating your ex-husband I admire your class.

When they first started seeing each other my ex would message me with ' I love you and miss you', he said he was only with her because he was lonely but he wanted me back.

He kept trying to get me to come over for sex, even after they decided to move in together!

But if he isn't, I truly hope you go before he breaks you in the way he broke me. It started when he lied to her and said that my sister was sick and hospitalized so being a nice, concerned stepmother, she called to find out what was wrong and if she could be of help.