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As for my own use of the epistle, theres no question Ive been impacted by Motos gesture, and Ive even gathered together a manuscript of these letter-verses in a manuscript titled Language Poets in Leningrad: Post-poems and Elegies, 1998-2003. Fundamentally, perhaps, the writing of imaginary letters to oneself is an ancient way of staving off loneliness and the fear of leaving the world and disappearing forever, without reason or redemption.

But now I think you should probably ask me something funny.

It definitely takes a certain type of person to be in the services.

“People stand a lot better chance of hitting it off if they have something in common already.

Kent Johnson: I assume that youre mainly thinking of Tosa Motokiyus Yasusada corpus, to which my relationship is that of executor and editor.

Well, Id say that Motokiyu was drawn to epistolary modesin Doubled Flowering, of course, but more fully, even, in his unpublished final work Also, with My Throat, I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords, Yasusadas youthful letters in English to an American "pal-pen"because the epistle, in fact, offered him more pliable and non-monologic ways of poetically proceeding.

Letters are always part of a real or imagined exchange with others, a gesture of dialogue by definition, occasioned and formed from without by a rich array of discursive pressures, and impressed from within by the presence of another, or others, to whom one is writing.

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