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Cain appeared in the mid-season premiere of Comic Book Men, appearing at Kevin Smith's Secret Stash where the crew was celebrating 75 years of Superman, citing that Dean Cain helped people care about Superman again.Cain appeared in the film God's Not Dead, in which he plays an arrogant businessman.

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You have the Right to exercise it or not but you don't have the right nor the privilege to prevent me from exercising it because you choose not to.Curtis Knox, a character based upon the DC Comics villain Vandal Savage; and again in a recurring role on Supergirl, as the title character's foster father, Jeremiah Danvers. Cain was also a contestant in an NBC celebrity reality competition series called Stars Earn Stripes.He is also the star of the VH1 hit series Hit the Floor as Pete Davenport, who is the new head coach of a fictional NBA team and has an illegitimate daughter who is a cheerleader for his NBA team. He won four out of six missions on the show, though he came in third in the finals.They don’t exist, but for the sake of discussion, with what money? Let’s break down their bad arguments for abolishing the electoral college, one by one.

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And when people refuse to give up their legally owned semi autos, which a lot will, will you use guns to take them by force? Ie7E Let me say it louder for the people in the back, in America owning a Gun is not a ”privledge” it is a ”RIGHT”.

In 2016, Cain played a guest role on the Netflix original series Lady Dynamite as Graham the ex-fiancé of Maria Bamford.