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19-Jul-2019 19:45

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Another one might add that it is in its current state because we put it there.We must therefore take responsibility and put it right.The practice of dentistry requires the support and encouragement of its governing body.Dentists who work on their own or who lead teams, have the right to assume that their governing body supports them.

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The GDC is apparently not accountable to anyone but the practice of dentistry is accountable to the dentists.

By damaging the patient-dentist relationship, the GDC attacks the core of dentistry. has networked with many young dentists who felt vulnerable, stressed and upset.

The causes of these anxieties were almost never the dentistry but were financial issues and the GDC.

This essay considers the role of a governing body, the misconduct of the GDC and the response of the profession to the injustices perpetrated.

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The system of NHS general dental practice is considered in terms of quality and humanity and found to be failing in quality and lacking in humanity.The advent, birth and rule of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the deterioration of the GDC have had a significant influence on my thoughts and behaviour.

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