Dns slave not updating

17-May-2019 06:54

dns slave not updating-57

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You can follow just Steps 1-7 on your slave server, since we don’t need Poweradmin on the secondary server.

When you have two functional Power DNS servers, with at least one of them running Poweradmin, you can proceed to the next step.

Note that you should set up both glue records and SOA records at your registrar for the domain used for the nameservers themselves.

On the other hand, you need only SOA records for other domains whose zone files you want to host on your custom nameservers.

If you haven’t done so already, please follow the previous tutorial, How To Install and Configure Power DNS with a Maria DB Backend on Ubuntu 14.04.

You should follow the complete tutorial on your master server.

Our example used This step requires ns1.to be pointing to your master server, and ns2.to be pointing to your slave server.

If your glue records, SOA records, and A records haven’t propagated yet, you can add an override to your Now, ping both hostnames from your slave server, using the same commands.

This tutorial is the second tutorial in our Power DNS series for Ubuntu.Please complete these requirements: In our previous tutorial, we pointed three subdomains to a single Power DNS server.We will now be using one of these subdomains to point at our slave server. You will need to update the glue records with your provider accordingly. See the previous Power DNS tutorial for more information on configuring your DNS records.If they are in two physical locations, then even a data center outage would not affect your DNS service.

By the end of this tutorial we will have two functional Power DNS servers using master/slave replication.BIND can be configured as master or slave to serve the DNS request for each zone.

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