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07-Jun-2019 03:15

His father, Canadian icon Barney, invites Dustin onto his stages on a regular basis, including perennial charity concert and Canadian staple Cariboo Express, which features a revolving array of musicians like Leeroy Stagger, Matt Masters and Leslie Alexander and hits town for a Nov.

3 Bella Concert Hall Show, as well as killer sets at this year’s Calgary folk fest.

How are the charities that benefit from this chosen? In the towns where we’ve done it for 11 years now they’re already in place for the following year by the time the show finishes, there’s a lot dedication to the project from both sides.

The mix of musicians is a bit different each year, with a strong core. It is becoming somewhat of at least a Western Canadian institution.

And we did that successfully for three years, but ultimately it was taking all my time and I needed to put my full focus on music for a while. You and Kendel have been on the road together for close to a decade, and you play with your dad fairly often.

They have written some of my favourite ever songs – those to which I return again and again.

I am a massive fan of The Edge as a guitarist and of Bono both for his wonderful voice and for his passion.

I’ll give you a hint, she wears red boots, and she’s crazy ‘bout Elvis. The summer that The Missing Years came out I was 13 years old.

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Tom Petty and Mike Campbell are all over that record, by the way. Even at that age I loved the quirky imagery and really felt the songs and questioned what they were about.

All of us on stage together for the encore, that was one for the books! You have to just constantly put the pen to paper and not be afraid to fail. We’ve done a lot of writing together over the past year and it’s been really exciting.