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31-Mar-2019 20:33

Nineteen years of marriage hadn't diminished it yet. She believed the best way to keep a man was to keep him interested. But my eyes trailed to my daughter, a younger version of my wife, heading to the front door.“We're going to have wicked fun tonight,” my wife purred before kissing me again. My hands found her breasts, kneading them while she rubbed at my cock, driving me into a frenzy.

Mister.”“Yes, dear.”I stepped into the haze of steam. They were small, but looked firm, handfuls begging to be played with. With her willing subjects too happy to oblige, Julie documents the current trends in sexting, internet dating and just plain hooking up. When graduate student Julie Smith (Jessie Andrews) decides to uncover the naughty secrets of online dating for her thesis, she gets some happy and sexy surprises. My wife stroked me with her right hand then brushed a strand of hair off Tiffany's forehead. My wife sucked in a deep breath, stroking me, aiming my cock, making sure each subsequent blast painted Tiffany's small tits.“Ooh, we teased you so badly,” she groaned. She shuddered, shaking her hips, as her licks reached our daughter's small mounds. Her fingers rubbed my cum into Tiffany's other breast. She had probed her fingers past the ring of her hymen pretending it was my cock pricking her. It was such a beautiful sight, her tight pussy convulsing.

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Moonlight flashed about her generous curves as she led me beside our daughter's bed. I shuddered as the cum squirted out of me, mighty blasts that splashed across our daughter's stomach and tits, painting her in dripping cum. She gasped, sharing pleasure with our daughter, cumming on Tiffany's sweet face.“She's ready,” my wife moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. I followed that gorgeous ass, my cock bouncing before me. ” my wife whispered in my ear as she stroked my dick. I groaned, kneeling between Tiffany's thighs as I watched my wife tongue our sweet daughter's cunt. I took my first i****tuous lick of my daughter's cunt.

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