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He was to echo shades of this to all women, regardless of class, age, or status.

For the modern popular-fiction genre, see Romance novel.European medieval vernacular tales, epics, and ballads generally dealt with chivalric adventure, not bringing in the concept of love until late into the seventeenth century.The word romance developed other meanings, such as the early nineteenth century Spanish and Italian definitions of "adventurous" and "passionate," which could intimate both "love affair" and "idealistic quality." Anthropologists such as Claude Lévi-Strauss show that there were complex forms of courtship in ancient as well as contemporary primitive societies.As knights were increasingly emulated, eventual changes were reflected in the inner-workings of feudal society.

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Members of the aristocracy were schooled in the principles of chivalry, which facilitated important changes in attitudes regarding the value of women.Behaviorally, a knight was to regard himself towards a lady with a transcendence of premeditated thought—his virtue ingrained within his character.

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