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If this happens, check the following: -Whether the corresponding user or group exists in Jamf Pro -Your Identity Provider sent the correct values -User or Group Mapping are correctly configured When uploading a metadata file to the Jamf Pro server, users might be presented with the following error message: "Metadata file does not contain signing certificate information".

This error is displayed when the Just ran into the "An error occurred while processing your Single Sign-On request.

.798 [http-nio-8082-exec-6] DEBUG (SAMLProcessing - Incoming SAML message is invalid

Security Policy Exception: Validation of protocol message signature failed Add IDP public key for signing messages to java key store. In Response To Field of the Response doesn't correspond to sent message Log 2016-10-26 ,159 DEBUG PROTOCOL_MESSAGE,http-nio-8080-exec- - 2016-10-26 ,698 DEBUG Http Session Storage,http-nio-8080-exec-7 - Message a293907a4b8ed0d21iggb0ci9dc0bbb not found in session A9C98F53D692EDFA486D96FB3D9F67C6 2016-10-26 ,702 DEBUG SAMLAuthentication Provider,http-nio-8080-exec- - Error validating SAML message org.opensaml.common.

I followed all your steps and configured as per your documentation.

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Problem with this approach is that SP does not know when role changes.We use Okta for SSO and sometimes it will work in the same browser in private mode, other times need to use a different browser. This is all on a brand new instance from just 2 weeks ago.