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Don't forget to factor in additional space around the desk if extra chairs are likely to be needed for visitors.You may think that packing employees in is more important than creating space, but a workplace with lots of room is often a more inviting and motivating area than one where chairs are constantly nudging up against each other.You need to have room for people to push their chairs back in order to stand up, without crashing into somebody who may be walking past or the desk behind them.Ideally there should be around three feet of space between the desk and the next nearest piece of office furniture and about three-and-a-half feet of room for the person sitting behind the desk.Factor in the size of your room and consider purchasing desks that will fill the space in the most efficient way.The final useful thing to remember when planning your office layout, is that desks need not just be for people.Conversely, an office with too much space will seem cold and intimidating, and employees will not appreciate having to shout across the room to talk to each other.

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This can be a very exciting time, but also a critical one, as it can be too easy to go overboard and spend money on things that won’t serve your business. Choose from thousands of different types and styles of office desks.Matching storage is available for all of our desk ranges including cupboards, filing cabinets, pedestals and bookcases.If you have a shared office printer, scanner or fax machine, then these are likely to need their own desk(s) or table(s), which need to be factored in to your floor plan.

You may also want to purchase a few side desks for storage or ornamental reasons – particularly if you have a space to fill.What works for one office may not necessarily work for yours, and you might even purchase what you think looks like a sensible, cost-effective option, only to find your employees complaining that it doesn’t fit their needs. Follow this guide and you'll have your office workspace sorted within budget in no time!

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