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One of the most significant appearances was when Monica scores a date with him, only to realize he never really left high school and still works at the same job as his 16-year-old “cool guy” self.

While Ross was busy not telling Rachel how he felt about her, Rachel was busy with her hunky, Italian boyfriend, Paolo.

Two years after their show ended, rumors surrounded Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston.

While it isn’t known for sure, some believe the former co-stars had a fling in 2006. In fact, she’s had as many (if not more) relationships as her character Rachel Green. Ross and Rachel were clearly soul mates from the start and even after they went on their infamous break, the two still managed to keep their spark alive.

Leaving Barry at the altar was one of the best things Rachel ever did. The two had a couple of run-ins after the big day, but ultimately Rachel realized he wasn’t the one for her.

Even though we don’t see much of him, Rachel’s high school boyfriend, Chip had a few cameos.

That said, by the time producers asked Donovan to play her love interest, the two had already broken up, making for an overall awkward and “horrible” (as Donovan explains) experience. In 2002, Rudd was cast as Phoebe’s love interest, Mike Hannigan.See more » When Rachel says, "Mister Waltham, I need to speak to you," he says, "In a moment, I'm in the middle of a task," and is holding two suit jackets in one hand.When the camera cuts to another angle, he has them in both hands.When Rachel is telling Monica and Phoebe about her wearing nightie to dinner, she takes off her coat and puts it on the armrest of the couch.

The coat then keep disappearing and reappearing on that position for the rest of the scenes.

That said, things were probably not that awkward between the two — in fact, they’ve managed to stay friends for many years and worked together several times after .