Funny questions to ask on a dating website

24-Aug-2019 18:36

A lot of women don’t really go for the full-on comic approach. You know the kind of thing: how do you like your eggs in the morning? If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?However, cheesy lines can make you seem a bit archaic and not a little pathetic to some women, and may have entirely the opposite of the intended effect.

She’ll roar with laughter at this one, and it will encourage her to be creative with her answer. #13 What’s the worst thing someone has walked in on you doing?You could both get really creative and silly on this one, depending on what kind of sense of humor you have, and have you ROFL for the rest of the evening.#18 Have you ever been caught naked by someone you didn’t want to?The creative side to her is encouraged to flow free with this question, and it could range from the mildly embarrassing to the rip-roaringly offensive.

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#15 What’s the wildest sexual fantasy you’ve ever had?

#2 What would you do if you could be invisible for one day? Embarrassment is nearly always funny, even when it’s your own, as long as told in the right environment.

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