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13-Mar-2019 11:36

And she trusts that whatever choices Kevin is making, he's keeping his family safe.

Soap Central: The writers seem to be wanting to revive a classic Y&R feeling.

It's just these characters embarking on this journey now.

Soap Central: It might be a little early, but can you give a tease as to what viewers can expect from Kevin and Chloe this time around?

What do you think of his portrayal of the character? I think he's terrific, and I love the dynamic on-screen between him and Kevin. Soap Central: Would you say Adam has been Kevin's biggest adversary to date? And, of course, with Delia's death and the way that negatively impacted him and his family, yeah, I don't know that I could think of anybody more adversarial to Kevin than Adam.

I think it becomes part of the fabric of who you are, and you don't get over it. Soap Central: Something that has sort of changed up the dynamic a little is Mark Grossman, who is now playing Adam. And there's a darkness that he taps into, a darkness that I think the character calls for. We had a failed business venture at one point, and I think Kevin felt pretty screwed over by him.

They're writing such great stuff for him, and I think I've really tapped into a whole new level of gratitude being back. And getting to play again with Christian and Michelle and also with Mark [Grossman, Adam Newman] has been wonderful. Soap Central: Was it important to you to know what the writers had in mind for Kevin before you agreed to a return?

It's been really fun to rediscover those relationships and sort of figure out where they go from here.

But it's all about to get even better: Elizabeth Hendrickson just announced that she has reprised the role of Kevin's flame, Chloe -- which is just the ultimate cherry on top of what has already been a delightful, indulgent GC sundae. So, it's been a very busy summer so far, but a very fun one. Kevin and Phyllis are hysterical on-screen together, so what has it been like on your end, working with Michelle again?

So, just what can viewers expect in the weeks ahead? Rikaart: Well, we both found out that the other was returning within a few days of each other, so I sent her a text, and we had a really great conversation about coming back and how excited we both were that her return was coinciding with Kevin's return and the whole kidnapping thing and whatnot.

I know there are times when Kevin has been sort of skirting the law, but he's never been the guy who wants to make a bad choice just because -- I think he always feels justified in his own mind for making the choices that he's made.