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It's funny how wives thought fucking the boss was good job insurance for their spouse. Also, Carl had a decent dick to pump into them and knew how to use it. Anne gave up getting fucked by strange cock back in her flyer distribution days, remaining otherwise faithful.

Busy with family later and Carl's business growing Anne stopped passing out flyers and spent her time raising three children and keeping the books for Carl's business.Ed was tall and thin, nice smile, haunting blue eyes. I hate to beg like some of those bastard's that really don't need it." "Well, you need to eat." Anne reached beside her chair for her purse. "Here, some people come in and leave cash to help people out. The conversation lasted more than twenty minutes as they discussed families. Without her salary he couldn't keep their apartment. As much as she enjoyed it she found herself cumming while thinking it was Raphael's black cock shooting seed deep into her cheating cunt. She cleaned herself a little and sneaked back into her own bed with her husband none the wiser. Maybe the next time he comes in I can bring him home. He was filthy dirty, but she wanted to have him fuck her hard and deep.He showed an interest in Anne that made her squirm in her chair. I haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday." "Not feeling well? This will feed you a couple of days if you spend it right," "For real? It was full of too many ghosts of her past sexual experiences anyway. She told Carl about Raphael the next morning as they shared breakfast. Maybe get his clothes washed, him cleaned up so he can look for a job." "That might help. Maybe let him sleep in a real bed a couple of nights. That would have to wait for after some soap and water.Ed was just twenty three and had resorted to crime rather than work. She printed his name on a label and affixed it to the folder. That explained his nervousness and reserved demeanor. Her fingers went back to her exposed pussy as she read through his file. "Hey, I picked up an extra taco for lunch and couldn't eat it. The idea sent her to the pool house with Ed and his young and eager cock right after dinner when Carl needed to go back to the office a little while. "So, this is where we live." Anne waved her arms in the air. There was laundry room next to one side and a common bath was between the two bedrooms.

The charity was running out of patience with Ed when Anne explained the situation to Carl. Getting her underwear off and into her purse wasn't a problem. She smiled at him and told him a counselor would meet with him soon. Of course, Carl was letting a new hire's wife show him a little gratitude for her husband's job. That's rich." "You wouldn't go to a movie with me, Raphael? "Let's sort out your clothes and get them to washing. Let me have you underwear." "I don't have underwear.

Anne decided that with all they had to be thankful about she would do some volunteer work after seeing an advertisement online for help at a local charity.

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