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My hope is that the active field testing and scientific analysis that have been done for ICHD-3 will continue, allowing future changes to be entirely evidence-based.Following the tradition, it will be 10-15 years before ICHD-4, but a number of field-testing studies will be produced in the meantime.The respective diagnoses can be viewed and selected in the text area after choosing a main heading.Using the text, the menu and the search function, answers to specific questions in clinical practice can be researched quickly.I sincerely hope that this tradition can be upheld in the future, and that headache can continue to lead the way in the classification of neurological diseases.Jes Olesen Chairman Headache Classification Committee International Headache Society ICHD-3 is now available in digital format.

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The ICHD-3 beta version continues to be available digitally and can be seen for comparison purposes.

When major changes are made to a classification, all previous studies using those parts of the classification that are changed must be revisited.

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