Is benzino dating karlie redd

14-Jul-2019 22:44

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The scene between Lyfe and Karlie played out eerily similar to the way that she and Benzino broke up years ago.

It’s almost like the singer has been watching the show and wanted to really hit Karlie where it hurt after learning that she cheated on him.

On the “Don’t Be Scared” podcast in 2016, Redd disclosed her birthdate but wouldn’t confirm the year.

Among the most well-known television characters of African-American origin is multi-talented Karlie Redd who is renowned as an actress, a famous reality television actress, Hip-Hop artist, model, a dancer, singer-songwriter and an aspiring author.

So much of about the reality star, Karlie Redd’s life remains a mystery. Karlie Redd born as Karlie Lewis in New York City to an African-American father and a West Indian mother.

The reality star gained lots of attention for her messy behavior, big mouth and refused to confirm her age.

This topic created a big controversy and fans of the show still in the dark about her age.“You can keep this, but you can’t keep me.”That’s when Lyfe Jennings got up and left Karlie Redd right there in the park. Genuinely shocked that she was being dumped like that, Karlie promised she would change, but it looks like Lyfe wasn’t phased at all.