Is shane and danielle from bb14 dating

23-Jun-2019 20:58

WATCH: - Live Eviction, Episode 7 "I developed a real, genuine connection with Jason; I consider him a friend," Danielle told Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview, "and friendship means so much more to me than money.

"I've always wanted to But did loyalty ultimately cost Danielle her game?

Part of that was because she had pretty much accepted her fate once she was on the block and didn't campaign to stay in the house.

But why did the pre-school teacher decide to put ally Jason's game before her own?

There was a target on their backs from the start because they were on my team, so my goal was to coach them to become docile players in the game.

This back fired on Kara because it didn’t give her any chance to get in Willie’s good graces (if there was such a thing).

For the sake of my sanity, and because I truly feel there is nothing I could have done different to affect the final outcome, I have been able to watch this season and enjoy it without any feelings of regret.Advising Kara not to talk to Willie before nominations was one of the biggest mistakes I made in the game.At the time I was trying to have my team downplay anything to do with game-talk."I was kind of blinded by spending a lot of personal time with Shane and not talking too much game strategy with the rest of my alliance," she explained.

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"Him going really gave me the opportunity to have the one-on-one game conversations with Jason and with Kryssie, and to build those relationships even more." WATCH: Catch Up On still interested!Seeing this clip really gave me a feel for how bitter people were. Did I think the jurors would “get it” once it came time to vote? INSTANTLY after this went down, questions of regret swirled in my head: Why didn’t I extend this conversation and act like I was Shane?!?