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29-Mar-2019 11:30

All men hate to be wrong–Israeli men take that to a whole new level. It’s hard to get an Israeli guy to admit that he was mistaken or wrong.Even if you know you are right about something, if it’s a trivial argument, let it go.They don’t wait three days to call or one hour to answer back a text message.So don’t play the game in Israel, because it’ll get you nowhere.Enjoy the journey and feel free to express how you really feel. You may surprised to have and have a quality conversation.Not a superficial one in while you feel you can’t she what you truly feel.Because of this, many Israel guys still live at home while they are in school.

Living abroad in another country is hard, especially when you have to adjust to cultural differences.

They’ll tell you exactly how they feel, making it very clear what they want.

You’ll know right away if an Israeli guy is interested.

If he asks you to drinks in a few hours, embrace the spontaneity and say yes!

Israeli men are very straightforward, blunt, and truthful.

Because Israeli children are in school Sunday until Friday afternoon, many places are filled with children from Friday night through Saturday evening.